Saturday, February 16, 2019

Kinda weird, this time.

Bottom was kinda fucked up and troughed out, but it was showing this every once in a great while, and I figured it would be yet another case of MacLaren's Lying Camera, and after staring for a while, we decided "Fuckit," and paddled out anyway.

And then it tested us.

Twenty full minutes with nothingburgers, backing off unrideably, just as soon as you came to your feet, as we sat and looked at each other wondering why the hell are we even out here in this crap?

And then, apparently it decided that we had passed the test, the tide rounded dead low, nearly to the minute, and all of a sudden it was game on and MacLaren's Camera was no longer a liar.

One full hour. Literally not another person in the water for as far as the eye could see, in either direction, and then it shut off like somebody threw a switch.

By which time we were looking at each other incredulously, wondering, "Did that even just happen?"

I dunno. I guess it did.