Pat O'Hare Interviews 2013


These are the interviews I did with Pat, back in 2013. Each interview consists of a pretty large file that I'm in the process of uploading to YouTube for viewing. I will attempt to get this done as soon as possible, but it's going to take some time.

Each file listed below will have a very brief description, but will contain much more than what I might write for the description.

This is a work in progress.

2013 01 01 Interview 1, Test Shot Questions, Where were you born? Earliest days. Run time: 2m 19s

2013 01 01 Interview 2, Early life, early surf craft, early surfing. Run time: 24m 27s

2013 01 10 Interview 3, Early life, surf craft, and surfing, review and expansion upon, up to Manhattan Beach, CA. Run time: 17m 37s

2013 01 10 Interview 4, Growing up in Manhattan Beach, high school, wrestling, surfing takes over.
Run time: 24m 17s

2013 01 11 Interview 5, Early days surfing in California, people, places, and things, '59, '60, turn of the decade. Run time: 33m 15s

2013 01 11 Interview 6, '59 & '60, Mazatlan surf trip with Rick James, a day at big Haggerty's, Rick James loses a thumb and Greg Noll gets it and dunks it in resin. Run time: 32m 07s

2013 01 15 Interview 7, Early 60's, learning to shape, working with Rick James, moving to Florida. Run time: 37m 13s

2013 01 15 Interview 8, MacLaren almost knocks over the goddamned camera. Run time: 0m 10s

2013 01 15 Interview 9, Setting up shop in Cocoa Beach, interrupted by phone call. Run time: 1m 54s

2013 01 15 Interview 10, Early days in Cocoa Beach, Barbados, back home to Cocoa Beach, mid to late 60's. Run time: 27m 20s

2013 01 18 Interview 11, Back in time for a bit, 7 year-old Boy Hero. Run time: 9m 19s

2013 01 18 Interview 12, Back in time again, California, Noll, Weber, Dora, and others. Run time: 35m 39s

2013 01 18 Interview 13, The old crew. Run time: 9m 12s

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